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Candidate for the position of Activities and Community Officer

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Leroy Cohoone


Hello everyone.

I'm Leroy and I would like your vote to be your

Activities & Communities Officer.


If you just want to scan through my main manifesto points which I'll flesh below I'll leave them here

  • Fixing the problems of reimbursements and admin behind sorting committee by-elections

  • I'll actively approach you if you want any help for any major calender events that I'm aware of

  • Keeping pre-exisiting commitments like our Wednesday afternoons free

  • Putting the Officer budget that I have whatever form it comes in towards joint society events

  • Having Society Executive do more, especially with assisting start up societies or ones that may not have a full committee, to keep societies going and represented

  • Actively meeting your committees

  • Keeping our commitment to the Wednesday afternoons off policy

  • Giving you the committmentment and support you feel you should have to function as a committee

but read further on if you want to know more


A Bit About Me

If you don't know much about me, I'm the guy with the big afro that I pay a huge amount of time cultivating, a fencer who loves playing video games and I do a lot of nights on Street Team. But besides that I've done quite a lot things around Keele.

I co-founded and was former Secretary of the Keele Tea Society

I'm the current Vice Club Captain of the Fencing Club

I'm the Training Co-ordinator for Street Team

The Welfare Officer of Keele Gamerbase

The Fighting games rep for E-sports

A former Part time Officer

A former committee member for LGBT

and a member and supporter of many more societies, events and charitable causes.

I'm a major organiser of NerdKon which is now bringing in an international audience and I assist anyone I can with any events.

If you've seen me around I'm most likely helping someone out or going to a social. I always do my hardest to help anyone in need, the work ethic to be the kind of support that you can count on, including the experience being on up to 4 committes at a time as well as starting up a new society is what I offer if I'm your Activities & Communities Officer.


My Policies being your Officer

Meeting Your Committees

Because I feel that the Activities & Communities Officer should help societies with their aims for the year, I will aim to meet all or if not as many as of the committees of societies as possible to know kind of help and support you think you'll need from me and the SU staff to achieve this. I want there to be an open dialogue channel from the get go so that you don't feel that at any point your Activities Officer is at an arms reach too far. I'll most likely be turning up to some of your socials anyway so I'll always be visible for you to reach.


I'll be proactively approaching you as well

If there's a major calender event or holiday that you observe every year (Fashion shows, RAG week, Performances). I will be vigilant and make efforts to contact you about it as well, in case you need support and haven't had the time to reach out. Even if you have everything just need an extra pair of hands I'll be about.


Fixing the complaints

Societies this year have faced some significant issues. These included:
The reimbursement procedure – some societies have experienced problems with and the errors that have arisen from reimbursements and payments which have included incorrect charging to society accounts and unexplained expenditures. I will be looking into how we can prevent these sorts of errors happening.
Society committee by-elections – Many societies have tried to facilitate by-elections to fill up vacant committee positions and these have been done with great difficulty if at all. I would like to implement an official co-opting mechanism so that committees don't have to go full semesters with crucial committee positions vacant.


What new things I want to do

I want to start allocating some of the money in the key fund based on need or boosting a vital event or society function instead of simply waiting for societies to apply for it which may or may not happen. If we don't invest in our society
Because there is a chance of societies not having full committees next year, I would like to add a function to Societies Executive to allow them to be temporary committee members on societies under their theme especially for new societies to help development in the early stages.
Continuing to help innovate our nights out – I know all too well about the complaints about nights out so I'll commit to helping further the innovation that's already rolling out with more takeovers, themed nights and listening to to more suggestions.


Continuing made commitments

I want to keep up and continue our already made commitments and policies. I compete on and run society activities on Wednesdays and they are incredibly important to extracurricular and voluntary activities. The Wednesday afternoon policy is very close to my heart and important to students who either do society activities, compete in sport, volunteer, or take a mid week break to do whatever they want with it.




Why you should vote for me

I have faith that the student experience here at Keele can get better. I've proven through the commitment that I've given, the will and the determination I have to pursue the causes of whatever student has requested of me. If you've ever asked me for something you can bet that I've thrown 100% of what I've got into it.
I'm always out and about lending a hand because I genuinely care.
So vote for me and please allow me to continue to help you guys and the students coming to Keele wanting a good experience no matter what they're interested in.


And Trust The Fro!