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Candidate for the position of Union Development and Democracy Officer

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Amy Holden




I’m Amy and I’m running to be your Union Development and Democracy Officer.


I’m currently your Athletic Union and Sport Officer, and since becoming an elected officer I’ve loved representing you all and working towards making Keele a better place for all students. I care about so many things at Keele, and not just sport, which is why I would love to be the next Union Development and Democracy Officer.

What I've already achieved as an officer:

I have strived to be inclusive and welcomed all walks of life into the work that the SU achieves. This year I launched the Rainbow Laces campaign, where every member of the AU recieved a pair of rainbow laces to show support and solidarity to our LGBT+ athletes
I have a good working relationship with departments in the SU and key contacts within the University, meaning I can effectively get objectives done. 


Hold departments of the SU accountable

There have been times this year when students were let down due to bookings falling through. This is from minibuses to room bookings within the SU. I want to work with the relevant departments to make sure the online booking system is easy to use and alternatives are given instead of letting people down.
Offer things that you want

Many people complain about what we offer as an SU, whether that be nights out, the shop or the food offer. I want to make sure that what the SU delivers is something that you enjoy or actually want!

Tackle long-standing issues For too long, buses, parking and laundrettes have been a problem affecting the majority of students. This needs to end now. I will work with the university and hold them accountable for actions to improve the services.
More effective use of space in the SU The Squirrel was given a lot of TLC over summer, which looks amazing, and is now a great place to study. I think other parts of the SU would benefit so much from a lick of paint too and could also be transformed into a suitable study space.
Improve sport facilities As the current AU and Sport Officer, I have seen first hand how the facilities for sport and physical activity are no longer fit for purpose. I want to continue my work, with the next AU and Sport Officer, to push the university to care more about sport and make a change. In addition to this, I launched a Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free campaign this year, and I want to see this through to the end to ensure everyone can participate in extracurricular activities."
It's not all politics! Democracy is all about having your voice heard - which isn't just Brexit! Within the SU your voice can be heard in many different ways. Whether that's voting in elections, submitting a discussion item to a UGM, or just providing feedback on the SU's services. I want to make sure this is clear to all students, so you can engage in whichever way you want!
There are so many other things I want to achieve, which I will be sharing on my campaign page - visit it at