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Candidate for the position of Welfare and Internationalisation Officer

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Fflur Harman

Hi, I’m Fflur Harman. I’m a Masters student in Global Media and Culture.

I believe I’m right for the job because I’m passionate about the welfare of others, about equality and about giving each student on campus the opportunity to be themselves in a safe environment.

I have a range of experiences of very personal and challenging circumstances and situations that have helped me grow as a person, improved my perception of the world and have an insight on how to help others.

As I am a disabled, LGBT, mature student and I have come to a university where I am pursuing a postgraduate degree in my second language, I feel that I understand that students have hidden issues in their lives and can relate on a personal level that compassion goes a long way.

Community and Culture  

  • Introduce an International Student mentor system
  • Introduce linguistic opportunities for students who cannot take electives, or want to learn a new language without the stress of exams and assignments.

  • More cultural events (If St.Patricks day is a celebrated day in the SU, why aren’t the other patron saints?).

  • The university is growing in numbers of international students, let’s embrace the diversity.



  • Continue to support liberation groups with campaigns and fundraising with societies and part-time officers.
  • Raise awareness with campaigns on Mental health, sexual health, sexual assault, hate crimes, menstrual health by working with national campaigns and societies, such as CoppaFeel and Sexpression.
  • I propose to have de-stress activities throughout the year, not just during exam times, as not all students have their exams at the same time e.g.introducing music and art therapy.

  • Improve support for ‘leave of absence students’ coming back to resume their studies.



  • Physical, emotional, social and mental health are as important as each other.

  • Work with the university to improve food and drinks labeling on menus.

  • Introduce a healthy living group, for those who feel being a part of a support network helps their progression to a healthier life.

  • Work with local health and advisory groups to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Housing and Transport 

I have never lived on campus since I came to Keele as a fresher back in 2013, therefore have  knowledge of what off-campus students need .

  • more students live off campus, therefore we can’t just concentrate on the living standards on campus.
  • Introduce a system where students can improve their understanding of private renting, for example, dealing with ‘dodgy’ landlords, create a “to do” list when you move into a new accommodation, “what to look out for” guide when viewing accommodation, as well as hidden charges and deposits.
  • Introduce a system where students are encouraged to car share.

  • Postgrads and international students are still around during the holidays, we can’t forget about them.

  • Work towards introducing a system for parking where you can pay by card or phone (spare change issue).

  • Collaborate with local authority to create a system to reduce bicycle theft, as well as improvement of bike racks. 


I aim to continue the fantastic work that Ele has done by working with part-time officers, to ensure the running of the Safety Bus, and the zero tolerance approach on sexual violence and assault on campus.

For a candidate with new ideas and experience, vote for Fflur.

If you have any questions about my campaign feel free to message me on my page or on my personal account. 
(Campain page - Fflur Harman for Welfare and Internationalisation 2019) 
(Personal page - Fflur Pierce).