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Candidate for the position of Athletic Union and Sport Officer

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Daniel Grimsdell





Hi everyone, I’m Daniel, a current International Business and Finance student in my penultimate year here at Keele University. I am also the current AU secretary. Since starting at Keele I have been highly involved with both playing sports, helping out with rugby events and the everyday running of the club. From day one I have enjoyed every aspect of sport related activities here at Keele, which is why I have decided to run for AU President.



My course gives me a good basis of organizational and financial roles within a business, and I believe that I could take this knowledge into the Athletic Union, with regards to organizing paperwork and club needs, along with their finances. My attendance within the rugby club is near perfect, and I tend to be the first one to step forward in terms of getting things done! Being AU Secretary has also given me an insight into how important the AU committee really is, and how much of a responsibility being AU and sports officer is. If I am elected I would take on every aspect of the responsibilities and continue the smooth runnings of the committee just like Amy Holden has done.


Within the sporting community I know of several students missing out on away games due to morning lectures and tutorials. I would like to keep the importance of sport in mind as well as concentrating on academic studies. I will try to get the AU working closely with the university to avoid conflicts like this. It should be policy that students have the opportunity to represent their university alongside their studies. Students should not have to compromise.


As I mentioned in my candidate video, I will attempt to get a yearly calendar showing the opportunities available in various sports. The sessions timings and location will be included on this calendar. This will give students the awareness and therefore chance to enjoy a range of sports as well as meet new people. Along with the elected AU Secretary, I will enquire about getting the calendar within the 1st year welcome boxes and hope to have the document posted online so it is available to all, as it is important that all students feel they can join any sport at any time.


The Athletics Union’s funding has not increased in the past 3 years, with sports progressing in the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) leagues, it is crucial that the AU shows support to these teams as well as the right backing to continue the progress. Such funding could be spent on equipment and coaches so that students can develop their skill sets and understanding of their sports and society. We need an athletics union that is able to put in as much as its members do.


Some teams have faced clashes with other AU clubs for facilities, continuing on from the work of Amy, I will ensure clubs get the contact required from the AU Sports Centre to avoid this scenario. This will help prevent students from wasting their time and effort when they have busy schedules, and allows clubs to train as much as possible.


From the experiences I have had creating links with men’s rugby and local clubs, such as burton rugby club and staffordshire country rugby union, I have seen the benefits for the community and for the students first hand. Other clubs and societies within the AU could also reap the rewards of these links particularly with coaching, facilities and meeting a new cohort of people. I would personally encourage all clubs to create these links and will do my best to help with this highly rewarding process.


There are not many people in the sporting community that do not know how important a photographer is, for example, the SU’s photographer has captured many memories throughout their years at Keele's SU. I feel that a photographer at events such as Varsity and AU Takeover nights is important to all students involved. As AU President I would like these events I have mentioned to be the bare minimum covered by a photographer. 


I would love the opportunity to represent all AU members and feel I am best suited and ready for this role. Vote Daniel Grimsdell for AU and Sports Officer.