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Mari Chappell


Hey everyone! My name is Mari and I'm a Foundation year survivor and third year Sociology student running to be your Education Officer for the academic year 2019/2020!
Why should you care? / My Keele experience:

I've been a Keele student for 4 years now, during this time I have been involved in all sorts (including a lot of acronyms!), I have been...

- A Student Voice Representative (SVR) for 3 years and as such have attended and chaired numerous Student Staff Voice Committees (SSVCs).
- A Lead Voice Representative (LVR) of Social Sciences and Public Policy (SSPP) a position I have held for 2 years since the creation of this role in 2017.
- President of the Sociology society - and later the President of the joint Sociology and Criminology society which was successfully merged earlier this year into the glorious conglomerate of CrimSocKS which will be  hosting this years third annual Social Sciences Ball at Keele Hall later this year.
- Regularly representing students on the Athena Swan committee in Equality and Diversity meetings.

Throughout my time at Keele empowering the student voice to make positive changes to our education has been at the heart of everything I do, but there's still so much that needs to be done to make Keele the best it can be!

So, what can I do for you?

My manifesto aims are as follows...


Whether it be for lectures, exams or even graduation itself you deserve to know your timetables as soon as possible and have them presented in a logical and easy to read format (looking at you random 6am timeslot on the KLE that no one needs!). The later we recieve our timetables the more inconvinient and expensive it becomes for; international students who need to book flights; for part-time students with work commitments outside of university; and for students with caring responsibilities (parental or otherwise) who need as much time as possible to prepare. As your Education Officer I would strive to ensure that all timetables are completed and circulated as soon as possible, and further still they should to be easy to read on mobile devices (it's 2019, surely there must be a simpler way to do this rather than relying on google calendars!)

Lecture Capture:

For too long have students been denied lecture capture equally across all subjects within the university - an issue which is particularly noticible to dual honours students - and whilst we are in the process of switching to an opt-out rather than an opt-in policy, there are still many lecturers who refuse to utilise it. This is not only frustrating for auditory learners who want to go over a lecture again, or those of us who might ocassionally oversleep and miss an important 9am, but it is especially unjust towards disabled students, commuter students or students with mental health problems all of whom through no fault of their own may be unable to access the education that they are paying for. As Education Officer I would therefore make it a priority to engage with staff and university executives to further encourage the use of lecture capture or instead provide students with an equivalent alternative.

Empower the student voice:

Having been a SVR for 3 years and a student for 4, I know how hard it can be both to get feedback and to give it, and if you don't know your SVR personally it can be hard to make yourself heard. Therefore, in order to strengthen our SVRs and to ensure that no voice goes unheard I propose the creation of an informal online space monitored by SVRs for all students to be able to freely give feedback at any time on their course and enrolled modules. Not only will this enable all students to give non-confrontational, immediate feedback but could also be a great asset to our SVRs as this would enable the collection and recollection of more feedback throughout the year, rather than having to rely on memory alone which can easily be forgotten should an SVR be unable to attend the relevant meeting.

Continue to improve online learning resources:

Whilst Keele has come a long way in recent years in streamlining the KLE we still have a long way to go when it comes to improving our online learning resources. I can't count the amount of times I've tried to access an article or E-book on my reading list and have been unable to use it, or the amount of times formatting guidlines have varied drastically from one assignment to another, or the amount of times I've been unable to find answers to a simple question relating to my course in the module guidebook. These should be my problems and not yours, and if elected I will strive to make your education as accessible, as understandable and as hassle free as it should be. 

Tuition fees and hidden course costs:

Trust me - I hate them as much as you do. As your Education Officer I will continue to oppose rising fees and sneaky hidden course costs that negatively impact all students as it is my priority that all students on all courses should have equal oppertunities without further financial limitations.

Moreover, with higher tuition fees come higher standards, and if something about your course bothers you then it bothers me. You are at university to benefit from the education system, not to have to fight it, and as your Education Officer, I promise that I will never stop fighting for what you are paying for and what you deserve.



Thank you for reading my manifesto!

(or if you skipped over the entire thing thanks for trying - I know it was kinda long!)


For regular updates, follow this link to my Facebook page:


For a candidate committed to all students,

vote Mari as your #1 choice for Education Officer!