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Back in the Day presents The Void x Satchmo's

Keele SU
Saturday 08 October 2022
8pm - 4am


£15.00 (Student)
£20.00 (Standard)

This event is run by Keele SU Venues


The line up is nearly complete, get ready for something different this October , Making our Back In The Day Debut at Keele, The Void trance anthems in K2 and Introduction the Satchmos DJs to The Lounge, to make the night very special we have an amazing live PA.


We really do put these events on for you, and without you, there would be no party.

It’s a perfect recipe in all honesty ??


With so many copycat nights and franchised brands without the original DJ’s, it really is a minefield out there for genuine events and we believe the real clubbers and musical aficionados deserve much better than being cashed in on, so we want to try and give you what you want, while staying true to the music and the history of the scene. 


October 8th sees our return to Keele university with a line up that has the promise of an absolutely legendary party in the making! The collaboration of some historic club nights, brands & DJ’s. More will be revealed during the build up but rest assured we have a very special party lined up for you, who we all feel are a genuine part of the Back In The Day family which has become a really important aspect of our lives since the pandemic started. 


Stay tuned and keep on dancing ???? ????