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Wand Raffle Contest

Wednesday 17 March 2021
7pm - 9pm


£0.00 (Members)
£5.00 (Guest)

This event is run by Harry Potter


We are giving away one FREE wand to the winner of our Wand Raffle Contest. If you win, you can select your very own certified wand.*

You can find them here:



Only MEMBERS are allowed to participate, so make sure to sign up – it’s only £2 membership for the whole year.

Once a member, you can get a free raffle ticket – one per person. If you want to buy any additional raffle ticket(s) it will cost £5 per additional ticket.

The draw will take place during Week 8 of Semester 2 (17/3/2021).

The winner will be announced during Week 8 of Semester 2 during our raffle draw and shall be personally contacted via email.

Once the winner has been selected they may choose the wand that they wish to win* and we (Harry Potter Society) shall order it for them. They should expect to receive their wand at our following event during Week 9 of Semester 2 (24/3/2021), unless other arrangements have been made.


If you have any questions regarding this contest please feel free to contact us via Facebook, WhatsApp or Discord.



*only wands that cost £33 or less.