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Keele Esports LAN 2 - BYOC

Walter Moberly - WM0.01/02
Saturday 16 February 2019
noon - 5pm
Keele Esports LAN 2 - BYOC

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We are excited to announce the second LAN of the year! This is a BYOC event starting Saturday 12:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday including overnight!

We will be running a variety of events throughout the weekend for many to get involved in. Thanks to the NUEL, the LAN will also be a League of Legends "Realms" event so there will be free Freljord swag to handout as well as League Unlocked!

This event is a 'Bring your own Computer' LAN so we will not be taking computers from the Overclockers Lab for people to use.

Transport will only be available to those off-campus in the local area (Newcastle/Silverdale etc.). You will be given a time slot on Saturday for collection (likely between 12-2pm) and a time slot on Sunday for return (likely between 4-6pm). You must be ready and waiting for collection, if you are late or fail to respond to the driver you will likely lose your lift as to avoid delaying everyone else's collection.

Throughout the event we are running a series of fun competitions for those who are attending which include;

  • Dota 2 - Arcade games and the possibility of a Battlecup
  • Overwatch - 1v1 Tournament
  • CS:GO - 1v1 Tournament
  • League of Legends - Ultimate Bravery, Custom Games and 1v1 Tournament

What to bring:

  • Your PC, monitor and peripherals
  • An extension lead (the longest one you have)
  • An ethernet cable, if you own one

Rules to follow:

  • Food & drink will not be allowed in the building, other than bottled water which should be kept away from electronics. This is a requirement for our booking and we will enforce this rule. Please exit the building to eat/drink.
  • Please ensure you have an updated anti-virus software installed on your system and have completed a full scan before attending, we recommend the free trial of Malwarebytes.
  • Respect other people's equipment and the building. Do not cause any damage and do not make a mess.