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Keele Friends of MSF: Advocacy for Fair Access Conference

David Weatherhall
Saturday 07 March 2020
10am - 3pm


£1.50 (Members)
£3.00 (Student)
£3.00 (Guest)


Focused on MSF's current Advocacy for Action campaign, a subject around the matter of medicine still being considered a 'luxury' in many countries With speakers from MSF and current Dr's, this is an event not to be missed! :DD

Our conference will feature:

- Interactive pathology sessions (on HIV, TB, Ebola & Heptatitis C)

  •  Ethics session run by the University of Nottingham
  •  In-the-field scenarios involving volunteers acting as patients, would coincide with these pathology sessions, to see treatment in action, and further educate visitors on what it is MSF actually do. 
  •  A photo exhibition showcasing the"Changes and Challenges" of 'then vs now' access to medicines
  •  Create your own Body Map! - used as a form of art and therapy in South Africa

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If you purchased a raffle ticket at our Outbreaks and the Media: Ebola Frontline Film Screening on February 20th, we will be announcing the winners of our amazing prizes at the conference so come along!

We look forward to seeing you there :DDDD

Keele FoMSF <3