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Free Keele Hall Event - Who Are Indigenous Peoples in the Modern Word?

Keele Hall (Salvin Room)
Friday 09 November 2018
5:30pm - 7pm
Free Keele Hall Event - Who Are Indigenous Peoples in the Modern Word?

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Decolonise Keele, Women Of Keele Educate (WOKE) and the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) are hosting Dr Ravi de Costa to talk about the indigenous peoples in the modern world. Free Refreshments from 5:30 pm, talk starts at 6:00 pm

All Keele students are invited to attend the following FREE event at Keele Hall (Salvin room) on Friday 9 November. Refreshments from 5:30 pm, talk starts at 6:00 pm.

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Event Title: Who are Indigenous Peoples in the Modern World? The Role of Colonial Histories and State Practice in Defining Indigeneity

Speaker: Dr. Ravi de Costa, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University (Canada). He also served as the Interim Dean of the Faculty.

Short Abstract: The colonization of Indigenous territories brought with it the imposition of arbitrary and racist colonial regimes to define and manage Indigenous peoples. Demographic change, urbanization and migration patterns have added to the complexity, to leave Indigenous communities subject to confusing and inconsistent state practices of definition and entitlement. This presentation reviews the practices of states in all regions of the world to defining Indigenous populations, and describes systems based on “descent”; those based in constructions of “culture”; and systems that provide for some measure of managed Indigenous self-definition or autonomy. The presentation then discusses several issues that arise from this situation, including the impact of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, which includes specific Indigenous rights over identity and self-definition. It also examines recent developments in practices of Indigenous self-definition, as well as debates about “authenticity” and the impact of genetic testing on ideas of Indigeneity.

See you there!