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NerdKon 2023

The SU Ballroom
Saturday 06 May 2023
noon - 11:30pm


£18.00 (Weekend + Tshirt)
£10.00 (Weekend)
£7.00 (Saturday Only)
£7.00 (Sunday Only)

This event is run by Roleplay Society

NerdKon is a multi-society convention boasting a wide variety of events from some of the biggest societies in the university, from gaming tournaments to Magic the Gathering to robot wars. The event will take place throughout the SU building, with tournaments from multiple societies being held in the Ballroom, while other events such as Dungeons & Dragons one shots being held in the meeting rooms. Finally, we will be running the weekly quiz and putting our own Nerdy twist on it. We look forward to seeing you!

(Please note that we don't actually have any XS shirts, that was a mistake when setting up that ticket)

Sunday ticket includes access to the quiz!!!