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KeeleSU Housing Fair 2020

KeeleSU Ballroom
Wednesday 05 February 2020
noon - 6pm


Meet accredited landlords and get your hands on student properties in the local area!


We know that deciding where you are going to live is an important and exciting part of university and that no sooner have you settled into halls than you strat thinking about off campus housing for next year.


Take our advice: Don't rent YET! 


In ASK we advise over two hundered students each year who have housing related issues.  We have a lot of experience of the types of issues that can arise.  One of the easiest ways of avoiding some of these common pitfalls is to not jump into looking for privately rented accommodation too soon.


You do not need to even start looking for housing for next year until the end of January at the earliest!

It is a myth that all the best properties will be gone if you don't sign up before Christmas.  Don't let any landlords or agents convince you that there is a shortage of properties in the local area - there isn't!  In fact there is a surplus of accommodation and students are still finding properties in August.

Students who sign up to off campus housing too soon can experience problems, including:

  • Finding a more suitable place or leaving university before your tenancy starts.  Tenancy agreements are legally binding agreements, meaning you usually have to pay the rent for the whole length of the contract (usually a year) even if you change your mind before you've moved in.
  • Friendships can change.  The students who you were closest to in the first few months of your time at Keele may not be your friends by the end of the year and you could regret agreeing to live with them.
  • Rushing into signing a contract without properly checking the condition of the property or the contract terms.  It is important that you follow some simple steps to avoid common pitfalls; this can take some time but is well worth it.  

KeeleSU housing Fair is an opportunity to meet local authority accredited landlords, ask questions, speak to ASK housing advisers and gather important information about your rights and responsibilities.  It is the perfecrt place to begin thinking about off campus housing.