Jobs & Skills


Job Shop is here to help you to find part-time term-time or temporary vacation work whilst studying at Keele. 


Advertising a range of part-time and temporary vacation jobs there’s bound to be something to suit your needs!


KeeleSU Jobshop can help students with:                                                          KeeleSU Jobshop can help employers with:


  • Looking for work                                                                                                                           * Advertising vacancies to students

  • Help & advice on your employment rights, tax and national insurance                                       * Prevention of Illegal working regulations

  • Working as part of the KeeleSU student staff team                                                                      * Contact & communication with students

  • Working in the UK as a international or EEA student                                                                    * Guidance on recruiting international & EEA students

  • Prevention of Illegal Working regulations                                                                                    * Arrange recruitment events @ KeeleSU

  • Balancing work and study                                                                                                              * Application co-ordination and shortlisting