Looking for Work

Looking for Work


Want to find work in the area? This info gives you top tips on where to start!
On Campus


The Students' Union
KeeleSU Jobshop administers all the application forms for work in the Students’ Union.  Nearly all departments within the Students’ Union employ students to help with the smooth running of your Union.  The main roles (but not all) are:
  • Bar Hosts,
  • Catering Assistants
  • Stewards
  • Reception / Box Office Assistants
  • Cleaners
  • Retail Assistants


All Keele SU roles are part-time and each department does it’s best to ensure hours are flexible. You can apply online for any KeeleSu Student Staff vacancies at https://ksu.staffsavvy.me/apply/

*Please see the information at the Jobshop or in this Guide regarding acceptable identification and the ‘Prevention of Illegal Working Laws’


Keele Hall and The Refectory (Chancellor's Building) 

Keele Hall and Comus Restaurant do employ students to work mainly as bar, waiting staff and catering assistants.  The best way to find out about their vacancies is to go to the restaurants in person or call 01782 734021 ask for the Duty Manager to see if they have any vacancies available.

Halls Bars

The Halls Bars also recruit students again, go and ask in person for the Bars Manager to find out about any vacancies they may have.

Keele Student Services

Keele Recruitment & Outreach recruit 'Student Ambassadors' to help out at events etc on campus.  The work is casual / ad hoc and involves taking tours of campus, opening rooms to view and other duties. More information and how to apply can be found at http://www.keele.ac.uk/studentambassadors/

Keele Library

We are often asked about work at the Library, they have in the past advertised for students to work as casual security staff, students are advised that unless there is an advert asking for a applications to assume they do not need staff, however you can go in person to ask just in case!


Randstad Recruitment Agency provides a nationwide support worker service for dyslexic and disabled people in education and often need students to help as support workers and note takers etc on Keele campus to help other Keele students. 


Off Campus


Universal Job Match

You can search online using your postcode or Keele Students’ Union postcode (ST5 5BJ) to search for jobs in the area https://www.gov.uk/find-a-job


Part-time and full-time vacancy search https://www.indeed.co.uk/

Total Jobs

Part-time and full-time vacancy search https://www.totaljobs.com/


Part-time and full-time vacancy search https://www.adzuna.co.uk

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are available to help match you with work that is suitable and available as and when you need it.  They can place job seekers in permanent, temporary, full or part-time work depending on what they have available.  You can register with as any agencies as you like.  A list of local agencies can be found at http://quickemployment.co.uk/newcastle-under-lyme.html

Intu Potteries 

Based in Hanley, the website displays any vacancies available within Intu Potteries at https://intu.co.uk/potteries/jobs

The Local Towns

If you are in Newcastle, Hanley etc keep an eye open for signs in windows, shop doors etc asking for staff and there is of course no harm in going into places and asking on the off chance even if there is no advert!

And of course the Jobshop!

See the Job Search Facility at https://keelesu.com/jobsandskills/jobs/browse/

Keele Internships 

Part-time and full-time roles for current Keele students and graduates!  Have a look at the Keele Internships pages 



Job Jargon: 


Not sure what some words, terms or abbreviations in job adverts mean? Check out the information below:
  • ASAP – as soon as possible

  • TBC – to be confirmed

  • £ / hr – pounds per hour

  • Closing date – the date after which the employer will stop accepting / taking applications

  •  PA / Per Annum – per year

  • £12k = £12,000 – the amount you will earn for this job, usually for a year’s work

  • Pro-rata – this is used to explain how much you will earn if you are working part-time or on a temporary basis e.g. £12,000 pro rata means that if you did this job full time for a year you would get £12,000.  If the job is for 20 hours per week for a year and full time would have been 40 hours per week, you will get £6,000 per year for your work.

  • Temp – temporary – this is work that is only for a short length of time, this may be specified at the start of the job.

  • NI – National Insurance Number

  • UK – United Kingdom

  • NMW / Nat Min Wage – National Minimum Wage

  • Ad Hoc – informal, work will be on an irregular basis

  • N/A – not applicable  - “this does not apply to me”

  • CV – Curriculum Vitae

  • S-O-T – Stoke-On-Trent – (the local area of Stoke) 



Contact Jobshop on  Tel: 01782 734800  or  Email: su.jobshop@keele.ac.uk