Balancing Work and Study


Balancing Work & Study


Think carefully about working part-time particularly in term-time. It's great work experience with the added bonus of financial stability; however, it should not interfere with your studies!
Strike the right balance
  • Keep a diary so you can keep track of your assignment deadlines, exam dates etc.
  • Plan ahead!  If you know a busy time is coming up at university or work try to move / organise things around to create a balance.
  • Don’t forget to unwind and relax after work or study and keep time for hobbies, socialising etc.
  • Try to get / stick to a structured work pattern so you know for example you work every Thursday morning 9am to 12pm  This will help you focus your time and create a routine.
  • Be realistic about what you can fit into your time – remember there are only 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week!
  • Don’t skip lectures to undertake work
  • If you know you cannot work a certain day, shift etc. Let your employer know as soon as possible, offer practical solutions such as swopping a shift with a colleague.
  • Remember to talk about how you managed your time whilst working and studying at job interviews, employers will be impressed that you have achieved this as it demonstrates your time management and organisational skills!

Keele Students’ Union and Keele University recommend no student works more than 15 hours a week. If you are struggling to achieve a balance between work and study Keele SU Jobshop or ASK for support or you can checkout the 'Tune In' Calendar and go to one of their time management sessions!  Have a look at


Contact Jobshop on  Tel: 01782 734800  or  Email: