Applying for Work

Safety advice to follow when applying to jobs

Following simple rules will help ensure your safety when looking for work and attending an interview, regardless of where you hear about the job.


  • Tell a friend or relative where you are going and what time you expect to be back.
  • Arrange to be collected from the interview if it is outside normal working hours.
  • Find out as much as you can about the employer / company before the interview.
  • Make sure the interview takes place at the employers premises or, if not, then in a public place.
  • Ensure the interviewer discusses subjects to do with the job rather than personal matters.
  • Check the job advert with the Jobshop to make sure it is legitimate before you apply for a job if you have any doubts about the advert or company.



  • Apply for a job which seems to offer too much money for very little work.
  • Give your bank details to anyone until you are sure the job is legitimate.
  • Agree to continue the interview over drinks or a meal, even if it seems to be going well.
  • Accept a lift from the interviewer.


When asking or applying for a job you should never:

  • Give your personal financial details, like your bank account number
  • Give your National Insurance number
  • Give your date of birth
  • Give your driving licence number
  • Give your passport number
  • Give out copies of your utility bills
  • Provide a photograph
  • Provide any other details you believe to be personal
You may need to provide these details when you actually have a proper job offer or start a job.

You should also never:

  • Pay any fees upfront for help with job searches or training
  • Allow the interview to take place in your own home
  • Talk about personal matters that have nothing to do with the job
If you are unsure about the validity of any job vacancy contact the Jobshop!