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Athletic Union and Sport Officer

The AU and Sport Officer is responsible for encouraging engagement, participation and campaigning for sport, fitness, health, and wellbeing.

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Role Description

The AU and Sport Officer is responsible for encouraging engagement in sport, health, fitness and wellbeing at KeeleSU and across the University. They also serve as President of the Athletic Union, overseeing all of its affiliated clubs. They will work to ensure equal opportunities for all Keele students to participate in competitive and non-competitive sporting activities. They are responsible for ensuring the University provides appropriate sporting resources, and provision to support and develop all sports clubs in the AU.

The AU and Sport Officer supports the following part-time officers in their roles:

  • AU Events Officer

  • AU Secretary

  • AU Campaign Officer

  • AU Media Officer

They will run campaigns raising awareness of and promoting good mental and physical health and fitness, and will organise events such as Varsity. More information is available here.


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