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Education Officer

The Education Officer's job is to ensure that the academic processes are fair and ensuring the quality of courses. They work to safeguard and develop the needs of all foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Role Description

The Education Officer is responsible for protecting the academic interests of all students at Keele. They will work to ensure the University provides students with the appropriate resources and support needs for their studies.

The Education Officer supports the following part-time officers in their roles:

  • Postgraduate Students’ Officer

  • Mature, Part-Time and Distance Learner Students’ Officer

They will also work with and oversee the Student Voice Representatives system in partnership with the University.

They will stay up-to-date on national academic issues in Higher Education and how Keele students will be affected. They will ensure they are familiar with issues affecting Keele students through regular communication with the student body. They will run campaigns to raise awareness and represent Keele students at a number of University committee meetings.

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