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Gender Equality Officer (2 Positions)

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Part- time officer roles are unpaid roles which students carry out alongside their studies, they are required to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week carrying out their tasks and responsibilities. Each Part-Time Officer is supported by a specific Full-Time Officer.

As a Part-Time Officer, you are automatically a member of Union Council along with the Full-Time Officers.


Role Description

The Gender Equality Officers are responsible for representing and campaigning on issues of gender equality for all genders. They are the voice for gender issues at KeeleSU, and safeguard KeeleSU’s policy on gender equality and provide information and organise campaigns on relevant issues of interest to the students. They also work with Elected Officers on joint projects and campaigns to benefit Keele students.

This is the only Part-Time role that has 2 Officers, one of these roles is a designated female position.

A full, detailed description of this role and all elected officer roles can be found in the By-Laws document here.


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