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How to Appeal

Thinking about appealing against your results? ASK can advise you

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ASK has a full guide to appealing on this website, and we’ve included the most important information below!


Can I appeal?

Unfortunately you can’t appeal to ask for a remark, or because you think that you should have been given a higher mark, as this is classed as academic judgement.

The only grounds for appeal are:

• Procedural Irregularity (this means the University has made a mistake or not followed its own processes)

• Exceptional Circumstances - if these were not known by the Board of Examiners at the time it made its decision, you can provide evidence, and there is a valid reason why you did not tell the School before.

**If you had any problems with the ECs process or thought you couldn't claim ECs, please see our article about common issues and potential arguments you could put in an appeal.**


Are there any deadlines?

Appeals must be submitted within 10 calendar days of your official results email. If you're submitting an appeal after this deadline you need to include a very good reason for being late, along with evidence.


How do I appeal?

You must use the official appeal form, which you will find on the University website.

If you decide to appeal, ASK can check the form for you before you submit it. Our website has some guidance to help you get started and if you’re having any problems you can get in touch at