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Crewe Performance

Over the weekend, 5 of our members took part in two shows held at Crewe Lyceum theatre!

The show, held in conjunction with a local dance school, was an amazing opportunity for our members to perform in the iconic and beautiful theatre. For the perfomances, the dancers learnt two brand new numbers.

1. A sassy hiphop and charleston fusion piece - 'A little party never killed nobody' by Fergie

2. A dynamic contemporary piece - 'What I miss most' by Callum Scott

The pieces were choreographed by President Vicki Black, with assistance from the dancers taking part in and highlighted the technique, musicality and performance quality of the dancers. 

The challenging choreography was learnt in just a few intensive sessions and the dancers really pushed themselves to make the performance amazing. The feedback from the audience and other dance groups was incredible - All the dancers involved represented the society brilliantly and shined on stage