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Keele News Blog- What do I bring to Keele?

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You’ve got your acceptance letter from Keele. You know where you’re going and what you’re studying, but what on earth do you bring?

Do you pack your whole room and bring it over? What do you take and what do you leave?


What Keele offers

Firstly, if you have applied for on-campus accommodation then you will have been given the option to complete the accommodation induction before you go to collect your key. It will give you essential information about you can and cannot bring.

Check out our university halls here, it will tell you about all the different types of rooms that Keele offers. But, on the whole, every room has a bed, a desk, a shelving unit, a large noticeboard and a regular wardrobe. You will also have access to Wi-Fi and all rooms are carpeted with a blind or curtains on the windows.


Things from home

The items that you bring from home are entirely your choice. You can bring as little or as much as you like (granted that it all fits into your room).

Remember to pack some posters or ornaments or photos that you can use to decorate your room and make it feel like home. You might want to bring a laundry bag too, as you will need to walk to the laundry room.

Items that are not allowed in Student Halls

There are a few items, however, which you might want to double-check on if you plan on taking them with you. For example, TVs are allowed, but you need to have a valid licence. Otherwise, it will be against our policy and rules for you to have them on campus.


There are a few items that are banned from student halls (more information will be in the accommodation induction you will be asked to complete), including electric heaters. If you were planning on bringing these items, then you need to put them aside and say goodbye to them when you leave for Keele.

Any more questions? Click here to find more frequently asked questions.


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