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KeeleSU ‘Student Employee of the Year’ Nomination Winners!

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KeeleSU is thrilled to announce two winners nominated for the ‘Student Employee of the Year’ awards 2018 at institutional level and three ‘Highly Commended’ awards given by KeeleSU in association with NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services).

Keele’s institutional winner in the category of ‘Above & Beyond ‘award goes to Georgia Williams a third year student studying Education and Human Biology who has worked for KeeleSU Volunteering department as Volunteering Assistant, she has achieved this award for the outstanding contribution she has made during her employment within the volunteering department.

Keele’s institutional winner in the category ‘Commercial Impact’ award goes to Shujeerah Thiruchelvam a postgraduate Life Sciences student who worked as a Student Caller for Keele’s Key Fund, she has achieved this award for the impact her work has made during her employment in terms of engaging with Keele alumni and increasing business opportunities and profit.

Both winners will now be nominated for the West Midlands regional final of the awards. The awards also allow for excellent nominees to be awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ category to those who did not win in the category nominated but have still made a huge impact in the employment. This award has been given to:

Charles Sell; A postgraduate social science student for his fantastic work within KeeleSU as Steward Supervisor.

Katy Mackenzie; A postgraduate finance student for her excellent work within KeeleSU as Bars Controller.

Harry Williams; A Life Science postgraduate student for his dedicated work within KeeleSU as Bars Controller.

KeeleSU is thrilled that Georgia, Shujeerah, Charles, Katy and Harry have shown such levels of innovation, enthusiasm and commitment to be recognised through the awards and wish Georgia and Shujeerah all the best in the Regional Finals!


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