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KeeleSU is still here for you.

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KeeleSU is here for you

Societies Ball went out on Facebook (catch up here) If you missed this year's winne, here they are below.


Loved Woodstoke so much you want to see it again? Fear not, KeeleSU Venue's has uploaded to thier Facebook page. 




Did you see the AU awards? Here's the list of the winners, congratulations to all those who won! 




Whilst the building is currently closed, we do have a team still working hard to bring you what we can! 




KeeleSU is closed for the foreseeable future. Image is of Amy, Leroy, Dan, Fflur and Mari (your elected officers) standing in front of the KeeleSU building.


KeeleSU is here for you

We're all going through a period of uncertainty and whilst KeeleSU is unable to remain open during the pandemic, we want you to know that we are all still here for you. We are unable to entertain you in our nightclubs, or provide delicious burritos but we've listed how we can still help below. Students' are still very much at the heart of what we do and we wanting to support you to the best of our ability. 

If you have any concerns or would like any more information, please visit the Keele University's FAQ, the Government and the NHS websites.


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Here's how you can still access KeeleSU

Green KeeleSU template that says "Updates from KeeleSU, As you know KeeleSU is currently closed and we're unsure when the building can reopen. We'll post any updates as the situation changes".  Click here for more... Orange KeeleSU template that says "Want to access you club or society account? No Problem! you can carry on as normal as it's already online. The team don't have access to sagee so they will not be able to give statements out while KeeleSU is closed" Click here for more... Purple ASK KeeleSU template that says "We are still available, You can still speak to us, we've moved online so you still have access to the support you may need"  Click here for more...

KeeleSU Activities are working hard to continue to support you. They're running online sessions for everyone to join Click here for more... Blue KeeleSU template that says "Want to volunteer? KeeleSU Volunteering team have worked closely with hte local community to provide some opportunities"  Click here for more... Teal KeeleSU template that says "KeeleSU's student voice team are still available to give you your sat and make sure your voice is heard" Click here for more...

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