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Officer statement regarding FIFA World Cup 2022

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With controversy surrounding the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar, your Keele SU full-time elected officers want to ensure all Keele students are aware of the alleged human rights abuses involved in the construction and preparation for the tournament and feel supported to interact with the World Cup however they choose.   

You may simply wish to support your national team, whether that is England, Wales or one of the 30 other teams which have made it through to the finals. Of course, this is fine, and your Students’ Union will be showing all the games during the tournament in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.   

We do feel however it is important to highlight some of the issues surrounding the tournament, with Amnesty International among organisations calling out suspected human rights abuses and alleged corruption involved in staging the tournament in Qatar. These include the alleged human rights abuses towards workers involved in the construction for the tournament, LGBTQ+ people in Qatar, and women in Qatar. You can find details of these below.   

If you are concerned about watching the tournament this winter, you may want to do your bit to combat human rights abuses around the globe by donating money to organisations including Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. You may also choose to share information about their campaigns relating to Qatar online or with friends and family.   

Join us in some events and activities that we will be announcing soon on our events page

If you have any concerns or want to get involved in your Students’ Union’s human rights campaign, you can get in touch with your Activities and Community Officer, Tom Guilbert-Newell, by emailing   



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What can you do about Qatar and Human Rights Abuses?

Sign petitions, and write letters, to lobby FIFA and the Qatari government to take meaningful action.

Donate to Amnesty International, or Human Rights Watch.

Learn more about Stadium Construction and Workers Rights in Qatar HERE: 

Learn more about LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar HERE: 

?Learn more about Women’s Rights in Qatar HERE: