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What can I feed hedgehogs?

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Please offer food and water to Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs are omnivores, meaning they'll forage for all sorts in the wild. Their main food source comes from insects such as ground beetles, earthworms and caterpillars and they use their long nose and terrific smell sense to hunt them out. 

Some people provide extra food for hedgehogs, particularly around breeding season (now) and either end of the hibernation period (early March and again in September to November). This is called supplementary feeding and is a great idea! 

If you want to provide supplementary food to hedgehogs on campus or at home, here are some food items you can use:

  • Meaty cat or dog food (wet or dry is fine)
  • Spikes or Brambles branded hedgehog food
  • Cooked meat, such as chicken or minced meat
  • And a shallow dish of fresh water!

And don't worry - it won't stop them from foraging naturally!

Please be aware that hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. Never feed them milk or milk-based products. 

For more information on the topic of supplementary feeding see Hedgehog Street


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