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Cerberus is a web-based computer game which covers scientific research about the planets such as Mars, crowdsourcing and serious gaming.

Cerberus in its current prototype version will let you:

  • Cartography Mars by doing new discoveries and help science.

  • Learn about the surface of Mars. The so claimed dusty planet isn't so dull as you might think!

  • Have a good gaming experience!

So by playing Cerberus, you are helping science to discover new things and important features on the surface of Mars. By doing this we hope you get a nice experience back and get to know Mars.

Mars surface

Unlike other games, this game actually generates some useful knowledge created by its players instead of serving the goal of having an entertaining experience only. So this game serves two goals instead of just one!

The game is still in an experimental phase and is part of a research thesis to investigate what is needed in a serious game and what is not. So just by playing you are helping science a great deal. We thank you for the time you are investing into this game, and hope you would like to do a lot of exploring! The game will be updated with new features gradually.

The game itself consists out of photographs of Mars which are taken with the MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) and they all need to be analysed. Aren't they interesting and wouldn't it be cool if you would be the first one to discover something new and get the scientific glory? Maybe you can name a strange rock after yourself.

Mars Surface

Ready to find some strange things


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