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Phrase Detectives

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Phrase Detectives



Lovers of literature, grammar, and language, this is the place where you can work together to improve future generations of technology.

Phrase Detectives


By indicating relationships between words and phrases you will help to create a resource that is rich in linguistic information.

Simply register a username and password and you can get started.

You must search for relationships between words and phrases in a piece of text. 

You will be given a word or phrase and you must look for any evidence of it appearing earlier in the text. An example of this would be:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop.He got some tobacco for his pipe.

The word in orange refers to "Sherlink Holmes".

You will be asked whether you agree with another detective's decision. An example of this would be:

Sherlink Holmes went to the shop.It was closed.

The word in orange refers to the phrase in blue so you should agree with this decision.


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