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RSPCA needs branch volunteer assistants to help with admin and paperwork, and you can do it from home, in a flexible timeframe.


The scheme is based on recruiting volunteers to help out with computer work for these different branches, that may take the form of updating databases, creating and maintaining word processing or compiling spreadsheet documents.

Each branch of the RSPCA has different requirements and the website provides a handy search facility to discover which branch needs helps in which department. Most of the work can be conducted from a person’s own home within a flexible time frame, where you will be contributing to RSPCA’s mission to help prevent animal cruelty.


Computer work

Our branches often need volunteers to help with creating or updating information on their website.

Mostly this is work that can be done from the volunteer's home and can be very flexible with regards to time.

Other volunteering roles in this area can include updating databases, creating and maintaining word processing or spreadsheet documents, and links with the administration roles available.

If you're interested, why not see if a branch near you needs help with computer work? Use our volunteer search on the right.


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