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Sing Inside

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Sing Inside is a charitable organisation that runs singing workshops in UK prisons. We work to promote group singing and music-making as highly effective community-building activities, taking teams of local volunteers in to form a choir with prison residents and staff. The group learn a selection of songs in a morning workshop, before performing an afternoon concert to fellow prison inmates, staff and families where this can be facilitated. We use musical groups to encourage self-worth and trust in external communities in prison populations, believing that this will promote renewed commitment to rehabilitative activities and thus reduce likelihood of reoffending in a broader sense.

We are currently expanding very quickly with a new branch setting up in Staffordshire, already partnered with HMP Stafford. It's important to us that we engage people locally and we have highly successful student-run branches of Sing Inside in Cambridge, Oxford and London. The great thing about volunteering with Sing Inside is its hugely interesting - most of us know very little about criminal justice and prison services - and you don't need musical ability because our workshops are fully accessible and taught by ear. You just need to be keen, friendly and open-minded to build self-confidence in other people and help create a creatively an socially liberating space.

Opportunities are not ongoing, so commitment can be flexible. When a workshop is organised, we recruit volunteers from a mailing list on a first come first served basis. If you would like to volunteer with us, email with your full name and preferred email address. You will then hear about volunteering opportunities directly, and the commitment involved is the full day of the workshop itself, and an hour-long briefing the evening before. Workshops normally run from about 7am (early start) to be home by 5 or 6pm.

Get in touch, get involved, and have a look at our website - - to find out more about where we work and what we do! Try something different!


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