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Green Impact 2018- KeeleSU Excellent Award Winners

Excellent, NUS Green Impact

We are delighted to announce that KeeleSU is an NUS Green Impact 2018 'Excellent' Award winner, the highest scoring award in the scheme. 



Green Impact is the flagship sustainability accreditation scheme for students' unions with the aim of equipping students with experience, knowledge and opportunities for sustainability action. It's not all about recycling and trees, sustainability encompasses issues such as community, equality, wellbeing, health, education, poverty and partnership. 

We'll be continuing to work on student-led sustainability projects and initiatives. If you'd like any more information about how to get involved or have any ideas of your own, don't hestitate to contact us! 


Green Mindfulness logo

Shout out to our Green Mindfulness campaign in this NUS article also! 


The definition of mindfulness is all about bringing your attention to focus on what's happening in the present moment. Green Mindfulness is all about raising awareness of how to be mindful for the environment in our every day lives, but doing this through activities that can promote a positive sense of self and help improve mental health.