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Myth #1: The DNA of White People and Black People Are Different

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Myth #1: The DNA Of White People And Black People Are Different

Reality: Melanin may be one of the most obvious visual differences in our skin tones, but there is more genetic diversity on the continent of Africa than the rest of the world put together. People of different ethnic groups in South Africa will be more genetically different from each other than a Russian, Sri Lankan or Maori.We might categorise people as “white”, “black” or “brown”, but these visual variations are not reliable indicators of genetic “difference”. 

That said, when it comes to blood or organ donation, diversity is needed as due to medical advancements more people are receiving more regular blood donation, which means that more sub-types are needed. The rare blood type Ro for example is most commonly found in people of Black heritage, blood types are important when someone has regular transfusions as they need blood that matches their own as closely as possible, so we need people from all communities to donate to ensure there is enough of the right blood for everyone.

(Find out more about why diversity in blood donation is important here:


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