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Myth #10: "I'm Not a Racist and That's Enough"

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Myth #10: "I'm Not A Racist, And That's Enough, I Don't Need To Be Better Or Do Better Than That" 

REALITY: Anti-racism is not a noun, it’s a verb. It doesn’t matter if you know you’re not a racist, if no one else does, is it actually dismantling racism, or is it just helping you sleep at night? If you don’t challenge your mates when they say something dodgy, and if you’re frequently complicit in allowing them to continue, then you are complicit in perpetuating racism. The discourse that we aren’t doing enough is scary. But fear and guilt are not productive emotions. Feel it, acknowledge it, and then convert it into action.

An effective anti-racist ally is committed to the cause and its values; educates themselves; asks for direction when needed without overburdening those from the oppressed group; is visible in their allyship; mentors and supports others in becoming more effective allies; recognises their privilege and will always strive to be better and do better. If you don’t like the discourse that we aren’t doing enough, then get involved. You don’t have to fight every battle to make a difference, but you can prevent the more difficult battles by talking to your peers, friends and family sooner rather than later about difficult issues.



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