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Myth #9: "It's Not Really A Major Holiday or Celebration If We Don't Know About It"

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Myth #9: "It's not really a major holiday or celebration if we don't know about it" 

REALITY: There are a lot of significant cultural events that happen outside of the Gregorian calendar.

A lot of these are religious festivals and observances, such as Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Easter and Diwali; as well as occasions like Chinese, Japanese and various New Years in Middle Eastern and Asian culture, and Buddha’s birthday. They observe a lunar or lunisolar calendar which means that the dates for these events shift every year. These can mean they are hard to follow but are significant cultural events all the same. They are highly valued and should be held in the same regard as other holidays.

Last year, amid the heights of the COVID pandemic, many religious observances and congregations were cancelled. Eid was suppressed for 'public safety' but later in the year during the second wave of the pandemic, there were pushes for lockdown exceptions for Christmas throughout Britain. Which demonstrates the lack of parity in the UK of these holidays.

This needs to change. Just because it may not be important to some, doesn’t mean it’s not important to others. If a culture, religion or an ethnic group has an event to celebrate we should give the same treatment as any other.


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