A safe place for whovians and sherlockians to go absolutely crazy

The WHOLOCK society is a place where people from both the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms are welcome. All aspiring consulting detectives and fellow time travellers are welcome and are free to go crazy with nerdiness and obsessing without being judged. In the Wholock society, we will hold socials, watch episodes and arrange day trips. Last year our highlight socials were a 'Pizza Pyjamas and Pudding' social and a social where we walked around Keele woods at night. These both turned out to be very popular!

We meet twice a month to watch episodes. One of these evenings will be all about Sherlock while the other will be dedicated to Doctor Who. Then we also hold a monthly social where we go and do random stuff like laser quest or the escape room and have a fantastic time. All in all this society is a great way to meet people that you have a lot in common with and make new friends; we set up this society in 2016 for that very reason. 

We look forward to seeing you. 


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