A place for everything hip hop R&B grime trap. Whether you're a casual listener, aspiring mc or DJ, or just someone who wants a liiit night at the SU. We are a platform for creativity. That includes fire events, specially curated playlists, art and even fashion. 

As a society, we wanted to create a place for like-minded hip-hop heads to talk and discuss the culture, collaborate on projects and showcase talent. We plan to host discussions, listening parties for new and old music. Host themed socials and pres. We also plan to organize trips to live events, gigs, and festivals. And for everyone who hates the SU music, well make an event worth attending.

So sign up now for regular updates, hip hop news, exclusive members playlists and society merch.  If you're a  DJ, producer or you wanna get involved in media, promo, fashion, photography then this is your space. 


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