Intersectional Feminist Society (KIFS)
The Future is Intersectional

KIFS was established in 2019, developing from the original feminist society. We are a group of students who view feminism in an Intersectional way. Intersectionality to us incorporates all personal, social-economic and political aspects which help build an individual. 

Our first camping focuses of the higher arrest rates and sentences lengths for black males in the UK, compared to their white counterparts, for sexually-motivated crime. Other topics we aim to cover in 2019 is reducing stigma around female sexuality and masturbation and the impact on young males of toxic masculinity.

We hope to organise fun socials, film nights, day trips and discussions that encompass as possible individuals as possible.

We look forward to meeting and talking with you.



  • No exclusionary rhetoric will not be tolerated.
  • All gender identities, sexualities, religions, race and backgrounds are welcome.
  • No hate speech or purposely aggressive or inflammatory conversation will be permitted.
  • The society will be the feminist face of the University and must uphold a strong image and reputation of integrity.

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