The Keele KPOP Society, is a fresh and innovative society, aiming to provide a community for lovers of the Korean culture and rising Hallyu wave. The society aims to educate it's members on not just KPOP, but also the language, holidays and traditions used and observed by the citiens of South Korea.


Our bi-weekly socials are based on our favourite shows and KPOP idol games. We host things like dance socials, movies nights, activity and quiz nights, KPOP Takeover at the SU and culture insight nights. We can't forget the amazing food trips we take to delicious Korean restaurants all around the country. We enjoy chilling, talking and listening to our favourite KPOP artists, as a society and try our best to promoote and ensure inclusitivity. 


Over the years the Keele KPOP Soceity have planned some awesome events. These events include Running Man (an inter uni event that in based on the same named variety show), Marriage Without Strings (a small marriage experience event based on the variety show We Got Married) and X-Man (an interactive detective style show based on the variety show of the same name).

This year, alongside bigger, better and improved versions of the above socials, we also hope to introduce a King of Mask Singer event, a Halloween event and even hold our very own inter uni KPOP Cover Competition.


The Keele KPOP Society has it's very own performance unit. Last year the dance and vocal units performed in the Surrey KPOP Cover Competition, with some excellent results, such as the Voacl Unit coming 2nd place. This year we are looking to take first place in every category, this means we need help form all of you who are joining Keele this year. If you can sing, dance, rap, act, model or MC, we encourage you to take interest in joining our perfomance unit as we go on to bigger and better things.


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