Love:Keele? Love:Photography? Join the Photography Society on our adventures! Whether you're a smartphone user looking to post images to Instagram or a DSLR-wielding professional, join us!

Love:Keele? Love:Photography? Love:Keele Photography Society!

Welcome to the official Keele Photography Society. Here at the Photography Society, we cater for all users from mobile to DSLR and beyond. The society itself is based of individuals of varying experiences, backgrounds and styles, and that's the kind of diversity we love! Even our committee features a range of styles and experiences, which makes for an interesting selection when judging entries you can submit for the weekly competitions that follow our sessions.
In terms of what we do as a society, we offer a range of services and sessions: We share photos, train photographers, supply models, run competitions, build confidence and have a laugh! If you want to explore with like minded people, be hired as a photography to shoot nights out in the Student Union or events around campus or simply want to build a portfolio to get a job or just show off, then you've come to the right place! We have seen numerous individuals come through the society and enjoy their time with us, and many of our alumni often join us on events when they are in the area! This year, the society is revamping its image, has recently established a new Instagram page (@KeelePhotographySociety) and has a new committee, many of whom have created inspirational new competitions and events to give you the most of what can be on offer.
Want to learn how to compose, expose and post-process beautifully? Join us! Remember we’re not all professionals, we just love taking photos!
We are also looking into making our members submitted work into items for sale in the SU Shop and online, and are investigating the possibility of having exhibitions and (subject to sufficient interest), a Photography Society Ball! 
Hop on over to one of our sessions and join our fantastic team to enjoy some downtime and maybe pickup a new trick or two. We are all always learning from each other, and you're guaranteed to meet some amazing individuals! Please also purchase online membership so we can ensure you're added to the mailing list. For the most out of your experience, email us or message one of the committees listed below on Facebook so we can have a nice chat before you join our sessions - after all, we are a society that cares!
Time: Monday 5pm - Finish (unless otherwise specified)
Meeting point: CBA0.013

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