Best Bar None Award

Best Bar None is an Accreditation Scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

KeeleSU has won the NUS Best Bar None Gold award for 10 years in a row and we have received NUS Best Bar None Platinum award for best in class for 2020.


What is it?

The Best Bar None scheme was introduced to reward excellence and raise standards in licensed premises across the country. KeeleSU takes part in a national Best Bar None scheme which includes other Student Unions. It encourages the responsible retailing of alcoholic products and also promotes creating a safe atmosphere in which people can enjoy the entertainment provided. For more information, visit the Best Bar None web site

Why does KeeleSU take part?

At KeeleSU we aim to provide great entertainment and great nights out where students can really add to their university experience, and part of this is creating a safe and fun atmosphere for students when they come through our doors - whether it's for a pint or a coffee! Best Bar None sets the standard for the safe and responsible sale of alcohol and provision of entertainment. By taking part in this scheme, it shows students that we are dedicated to being able to provide the best events possible, in the safest way possible.

How are we doing?

You can see how we've done in the past by looking above the Scruffy Squirrel bar where we display all our previous Best Bar None awards. A lot of work is put into being able to achieve this by all the staff within KeeleSU and we are continuously working hard to maintain this high standard for all the students to enjoy.