Weigh to Go - Zero Waste Shop

Located in Union Shop, we have our own, ever expanding, Zero Waste area. Offering food, toiletries, Chilly Bottles and other sustainable products. This offers our students, staff and visitors a more sustainable way to shop.

Zero Waste Shop

Our Zero Waste Shop is one of the first student-led outlets in the country selling products that have no packaging. The enterprise, which is based within the existing Keele SU shop, will be open to all, offering students, staff and visitors an alternative way to shop.

The concept is simple - shoppers select their purchases which are then weighed by staff and decanted into containers that customers bring with them or a recycled paper bag, meaning transactions will generate zero waste.

A wide variety of staples will be stocked in the shop including cereal, dried fruits, grains and pasta, as well as herbs, spices and household essentials. Alternatives to disposable single-use coffee cups and straws will also be on sale. Self-service, including access to a dairy free milk machine, will enable shoppers to select as little or as much as they need further minimising unnecessary waste. 

Keele SU will also be creating and distributing recipe cards, and providing consumers customers with all the guidance they need to produce healthy, nutritious and economical meals from the raw ingredients stocked in the shop.

The Zero Waste Shop will be open for business from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday and 12am - 4pm at the weekends.