Register as a driver

To drive KeeleSU vehicles you must first register as a driver with KeeleSU. Once registered this covers you to drive under our motor insurance until the end of the current academic year (31st July). Registration and re-registration must happen during each academic year (1st August to 31st July).

Registering as a driver could not be easier following our simple 4 step process.


Step 1

Read and agree to the driver declaration below (you must be logged on to the website in order to agree to the declaration). If you are not a current student then register now for a guest account). The person registering MUST log on or create their own account. Please do not use any other person account. If you do not meet any part of the declaration please contact us in order to proceed (if you do not meet the declaration this does not necessarily mean we cannot register you, it just means we need to obtain more detailed information and carry out more checks before confirming if you can register)


Step 2

You need to visit website to view your driving license and generate a code for KeeleSU to check your license and driving history. The video below explain more or click here to view a step by step guide. You can visit the website by this link (please remember to return to this page after to complete your registration).

You will need to provide KeeleSU with the generated code and also your driving license number. This will be taken during the checkout process when you pay your fee.


Step 3

Pay your registration fee £6 (£5+VAT). This can be done below online, or once you have declared online you can come and pay in person at KeeleSU Reception. You will need your generated code from and your driving license number during the checkout process. Your driving license number can be found on the front of your photocard as shown below.

Driving License Example

Step 4

Once you have declared online and made payment of the registration fee you will need to bring in your ACTUAL photocard driving license for inspection and copy to the Security office (on the ground floor of KeeleSU next to reception), or to the Premises office (on the second floor of KeeleSU). 

Get started below by reading in full the declaration then click the bus.

If you have any questions please contact KeeleSU Security & Transport direct on Tel: 01782 733720 or 01782 734815, Email: or visiting


To declare and register as a standard driver you have to meet the following conditions as specified by our insurance underwriter (it is important you read in full):

  • You must be aged 21 years or over AND have held the full UK driving licence for a minimum of 2 years or more.

  • You must NOT at any time suffered from uncorrected defective eyesight or hearing, physical infirmity, mental illness, heart complaint, diabetes, epilepsy, fits, blackouts or have conditions reportable to the DVLA?

  • You must NOT have been convicted of any motoring offence, disqualified from driving, or have any prosecutions pending within the last 5 Years

  • You must NOT have been in any accident, had a claim or loss (including theft) within the last 5 Years

  • You must NOT have had any insurance company or underwriter refused you any insurance or imposed any special terms

By completing the registration you are declaring that the above particulars are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and that no material information which would affect the vehicles insurer’s assessment or acceptance of this risk has been withheld. Please note it is your responsibility to inform KeeleSU immediately of any changes in your driving circumstances or which may result in giving a different answer to any of the above questions. By ticking the boxes on the registration you are confirming and agreeing to this declaration and that you agree to KeeleSU's driver/hire terms and conditions.

Please ensure you read the above declaration and conditions carefully. Click the bus below to register.

If you fail to meet these requirements you will need to contact us to discuss this further (this does not mean you will not be able to drive).

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