Information on buying and using KeeleSU event tickets

Ticket FAQs (KeeleSU Student Entertainments tickets only)



How do I buy a ticket?

As a member of KeeleSU, you automatically have an account on the website.  Log in with your usual Keele IT logon details and visit http://www.keelesu.com/whatson to buy tickets for individual events.  You can add as many tickets/items for different events as you like to your basket before purchasing.

There is more than one ticket for an event – which do I purchase?

For each event please fully read the description as each ticket option indicates what the ticket is for. If you buy a ticket with a time restriction on, e.g. “before 10.30pm”, you must arrive in advance of the specified time or the ticket will be invalid. Make sure you purchase the correct ticket for the event.

If I purchase an advance ticket, am I guaranteed entry?

Yes, as long as you still conform to KeeleSU's entry policy, code of conduct and venue regulations. KeeleSU reverses the right to refuse entry.

Can I buy tickets for guests (non-Keele students)?

Guest tickets can be purchased in advance by a Keele Student when the student is purchasing a ticket for themselves. Guest can also buy tickets upon entry. For larger events and freshers week, guest tickets may be restricted so are only available upon entrance, this is to make as many tickets available to students as possible. Guest tickets cost a minimum of £1 extra, in line with our signing in policy. If an advanced guest ticket is purchased the guest MUST enter with the student who purchased their ticket. Guests MUST bring photographic ID (passport, driving license or PASS approved proof of age card).

Can I buy a ticket if I am banned from the SU?

You will be allowed to purchase in advance any tickets that are on sale. However, if you purchase a ticket and are banned you will be refused entry and NO refund will be given. Please ensure you only purchase tickets for when your ban has expired.

Where is my ticket?

Your ticket is stored in your account which is accessible online and is linked to your Keele card.

Is there a way to see my transactions and tickets on my account?

Yes - log in to the website and go to http://www.keelesu.com/shop/purchasehistory to see all of your transactions, and tickets purchased online and from the Box Office.

Will I get a physical ticket/wristband?

No physical tickets/wristbands will be issued as proof of purchase.  However, there may be instances when certain items are issued as a souvenir and some special events where tickets may be issued. If you purchase a ticket online you will receive a confirmation email. Also, you can check your purchase history online (see above for details).

What if I am having issues buying a ticket or need help?

Read over all the questions on this page as you may find the answer you are looking for. If you need more help you can contact us via:

E: su.tickets@keele.ac.uk

T: 01782 733718

N.B During peak times (e.g. when fresher week tickets first go on sale) we can experience high call volumes. Please consider dropping us or email or please hold and await an answer.



Do I need to bring my Keele card on a night out?

Yes, always ensure you bring your Keele card with you. Entry is much faster if you have your Keele card. Guests MUST bring photographic ID and must enter with the student who purchased their ticket and signing them in.

Why do you scan our Keele cards when we enter the SU?

This is the fastest entry method to check for advance tickets. Your Keele card is proof you are a student and as such a member of KeeleSU.

What do I do if I lose my Keele card?

Apart from getting a new Keele card from the IT Service Desk (In the Library), the tickets will still remain active on your account.  You can give either your Keele card number or your name when entering the SU or when purchasing tickets via the Box Office.  When entering the SU for an event you will need another form of photographic ID if you do not have your Keele card.



Can I sell my ticket if I can no longer attend?

There are NO refunds on any tickets for KeeleSU Entertainments events.

Can I transfer my tickets to a friend?

Transfers of tickets will only apply when the face value of the ticket (excluding the booking fee) is over £5*. Transfers can be done via KeeleSU Reception Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. No transfers will be done after midday on the day of the event. In order to transfer a ticket, both parties must come to Reception during the specified times with their Keele cards in order for it to be processed. 
* NB. There will be no transfers available on Freshers’ Week events or passes.

What happens if I purchase a ticket but do not use it?

Tickets are sold per event. If you fail to use your ticket it cannot be refunded.


You will be allowed to purchase in advance any tickets that are on sale. However, if you purchase a ticket and are banned you will be refused entry and NO refund will be given. Please ensure you only purchase tickets for when your ban has expired.


KeeleSU reserves the right to refuse entry. All persons (Keele students and their guests) must abide by the KeeleSU Entry & Search Policy, Code of Conduct, venue regulations and UK licensing Laws.

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