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Newcastle-under-Lyme Litter Pick

This opportunity takes place between 25 Sep 2019 and 25 Sep 2019. Closing date for applications is 24 Sep.

Join a team of student volunteers and societies to help litter pick on the streets of Newcastle and increase public awareness of waste and recycling. You will be meeting at Forest of Light on 25th September at 10am, then heading into the town centre. Equipment will be provided. In teams, you will be litter picking in public areas, then joining together to weigh your waste and display your findings to passing members of the public. You will be on hand to answer questions and give stats from the day, At 1pm you will throw the waste away as appropriate and head back to the university.

Benefits to self

Feel good about contributing positively to your community Meet new friends Get outside!

Benefits to others

Increase the amount of waste that gets thrown in proper receptacles Clean up the city Lower waste pollution in Newcastle Teach People what can be recycled and what cannot



DBS required?


Transport details

Public Transport to Newcastle Town Centre

Contact Name

Tom Guilbert-Newell

Contact email address


Contact phone number

01782 33822