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Virtual Social Events Creative - Watch party hosts

This opportunity takes place from 05 Nov 2020.

Do you enjoy watching box sets, documentaries, soap operas? Would you like to host a watch party with like-minded film or tv enthusiasts? Do you enjoy discussing the cliff hangers or the antics of the cast? KeeleSU needs your support and creative ideas to help us build an altruistic platform that supports social connection with other Keele students during lockdown, periods of quarantine and self isolation. We need Watch party hosts to help coordinate fun meet-ups online to watch different genres of movie or tv series together. we need your support with the planning of these parties, the organisation and facilitation of them. Do you want to be part of something fun and creative that positively impacts on Keele students, their student experience and wellbeing during these extraordinary times, as well as be socially connected with others? Then, this opportunity is for you. We are after sociable individuals who can engage fellow students and host watch party events on a digital platform, such as Teams, Zoom, Twitch, FB live etc. The Volunteering team and the SU will support you to coordinate and market these events, and advise and support you with their delivery. We aim to connect students in the digital world and create a social, fun and safe space during the second phase of lockdown.

KeeleSU needs your support to help us build an altruistic platform that supports social connection with other Keele students during lockdown, periods of quarantine and self isolation.

It is a difficult time to be a student right now, however, we still strive for the Keele student experience to be as good as it can be. We need 'you' to make this happen!

We require  a confident communicator, with a interest in film or tv, to deliver virtual events that would appeal to other students and connect with them through positive social activities. 

Are you charismatic or simply want an opportunity to develop and improve your presenting skills?

Are you organised, and like to plan and implement projects?

Are you confident using technology, and have access to the internet?

You must be pro active and be able to collaborate with others remotely. 

The time commitment expected will be around an hour to host the event, with approximately another 2 hours to plan and develop it. However, the time could be flexible depending on the type of social event you would like to run. Depending on the success of each event we could support you to deliver these more regularly, or assist you in building a specialised events team.  

Skills required: Organisation, planning, time management, excellent communication, competent using social media/technology/digital platforms

Benefits to self

Planning Organisation Presentation skills Communication Networking Time management

Benefits to others

Reduce isolation Peer support Improved mental health and wellbeing



Training available

Logging volunteer hours Intro to volunteering

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Not required

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SU Volunteering

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  • What are your reasons for volunteering?Build my confidence, Do something positive with my spare time, Gain work experience/ improve my CV, Give something back to the community, Help others, Learn or try new things, Meet new people, Not sure, Use my skills

Employability skills

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