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Give it a Go!

Volunteering Halls Foodbank Collection
25th May midnight - 10th June midnight
Keele Accommodation Halls
Leaving Keele soon? Donate your unused food to the local Foodbank using the cupboards and boxes provided in your Halls kitchen!
Entertainments Woodstoke Pub Quiz
25th May 9pm - midnight
The Scruffy Squirrel
A pub Quiz devoted to Woodstoke and its past
Entertainments Woodstoke
26th May 8pm - 27th May 5am
Whole Building plus Front Car Park
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Activities Southport Seaside Trip
27th May 9am - 7pm
Join us for some sun and sea as we head to Southport for the day!
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Volunteering Saturday 27th Dog Walking
27th May 10am - 1:30pm
Greyhound Gap, Kidsgrove
Join us this weekend to do some dog walking with a local charity!
Athletic Union Sport Festival: Touch Rugby 7s
27th May 10am - 2pm
Keele Sports Centre
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Athletic Union Sport Festival: Beach Volleyball
27th May 2pm - 6pm
Keele Sports Centre
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Athletic Union Sport Festival: Football
28th May 10am - 5pm
Keele Sports Centre
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Entertainments Karaoke
28th May 9pm - 1am
The Scruffy Squirrel
Free Entry
KeeleSU BE MORE Creative
30th May 9am - 2nd June 7pm
PC Lab 3
KeeleSU Be More Inspired
30th May 9:30am - 2pm
Old Libray, Keele Hall
30th May 11am - 9th June 5pm
Health Library, CEC
KeeleSU BE MORE Choir
30th May 2pm - 1st June 4pm
KeeleSU Be More Skilled: Irish Dancing
30th May 2pm - 4pm
KeeleSU Be More Keele
30th May 3pm - 4pm
Meet at Keele Hall
Debate and Discussion General Election Debate
30th May 6:30pm - 9pm
Westminster Lecture Theatre
KDADS will be hosting a General Election Debate on the 30th May in Westminster Lecture Theatre. This will include the three main candidates for the area and promises to be a fantastic evening. Don't miss out!
KeeleSU Be More Scholarly with JSLUG17
31st May 10am - 5pm
PC Labs 1 & 2
KeeleSU Be More Wild and Free
31st May noon - 2pm
Earth Observatory, Sustainability Hub
KeeleSU Be More Connected
1st June noon - 2pm
KeeleSU Be More Resilient
1st June 2:30pm - 4:30pm
KeeleSU Be More Sherlock
1st June 5:30pm - 9:30pm
KeeleSU Be More - Hackathon
2nd June 9:30am - 5:30pm
Ceoncept Room (CBA1.081)
KeeleSU Be More Skilled:First Aid
2nd June 10am - 1pm
Dance Studio, Sports Centre
KeeleSU Be More Green
2nd June 2pm - 4pm
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Graduation Ball
2nd June 7pm - midnight
Keele Hall
Enjoy a final gathering with all your fellow colleagues and lecturers for a lovely evening in Keele Hall. A fun night of awards, entertainment and music to be had.
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Entertainments Karaoke
4th June 9pm - 1am
The Scruffy Squirrel
Free Entry
KeeleSU Be More RAF
5th June 9:30am - 1:30pm
Dance Studio Sports Centre
KeeleSU Be More Explorer
5th June 10am - noon
Library Training Room
KeeleSU Be More Bouncy
5th June 2pm - 4:30pm
Wallshaw Hall, Sports Centre
KeeleSU Be More Thrifty
5th June 2pm - 3pm
KeeleSU Be More Alert
5th June 6pm - 8pm
Wallshaw Hall, Sports Centre
KeeleSU Be More Employable
6th June 10am - 4pm
Volunteering BE MORE Volunteer: Douglas Macmillan
6th June 10am - 3:30pm
Dougie Mac, Burslem
We'll be heading out to their Burslem store to help process their donations ready to sell
KeeleSU Be More Bear
6th June noon - 7th June 11am
Keele Woods
KeeleSU Be More Open to the World (Russian)
6th June noon - 1pm
KeeleSU Be More Experienced
6th June 1pm - 2pm
KeeleSU Be More Womble
7th June 10am - noon
Meet at Forest of Light
KeeleSU Be More EcoEnterprising
7th June noon - 8th June 3pm
KeeleSU Be More Open to the World (Italian)
7th June noon - 1pm
KeeleSU Be More Future Focused
7th June 2pm - 4:30pm
KeeleSU Be More Secure
8th June 1pm - 2pm
KeeleSU Be More Mindful
8th June 2pm - 4pm
Volunteering BE MORE Volunteer: Selling Your Volunteering Skills
8th June 2pm - 3pm
Chancellor's Building, CBA0.007
Boost your employability by making the most of your volunteering
KeeleSU Be More Creative Book Signing
9th June noon - 1pm
Blackwell's Keele
Entertainments The Enemy Acoustic Live at Keele SU
28th June 7:30pm - 11pm
Tom Clarke of The Enemy performing live
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