AcED Bursary


The Academic Enhancement and Development Bursary

The Academic Enhancement and Development (AcED) Bursary has provided funding for hundreds of undergraduate students to attend numerous events, conferences and workshops since 2014.

Thanks to an additional donation of £2500 from the Strike Fund, we will now be able to extend the scheme and it has been agreed that things that were previously excluded from the AcED bursary such as textbooks, field trips and equipment, will now be eligible through the strike fund enhanced AcED bursary.  This will not be means tested and there will be three dates for students to apply for the AcED bursary. 

Students can also apply retroactively; so long as you are able to provide proof of purchase, you can claim back money on purchases that have already been made (if they support your academic development).

There will be three opportunities for students to apply to the AcED Bursary. The first deadline will be on Monday 3rd December at midday. The second deadline is on the 29th of March 2019 at 9am. The third and final deadline is on the 14th of June at 5pm.
You'll need to complete an application form and read the guidelines and terms and conditions. You'll also need a signature from your personal tutor. The guidance and application form can be downloaded here