1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) module 

As part of induction in September, we have been working with the University to create an mandatory Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) module which will introduce important EDI concepts to new students. Last week, the officer team got involved in speaking about EDI for the video portion of the module. We are looking forward to sharing this with new students in September. 

2. Hate Crime Awareness Module 

We have recently finished working on our hate-crime module for the KLE which will be available to all students in September. This training module has been developed as part of our #NeverOK campaign, which aims to end all forms of violence and discrimination in the community. This module aims to help students learn what a hate crime is, how victims are impacted by hate crime, and how to report it. It has been co-produced by the Students’ Union and the University, and is designed to be interactive, informative and user-friendly. 

3. Approved data charter 

The students principles document that will form the basis for the Student Data charter passed at our last Union General meeting, the full document can be found here. In relation to this campaign the principle 7 ensures:

Principle 7: Staff must complete bias training annually and have up to date information security training before being granted access to student data. Modelling and interventions based on analysis of data should be sound and free from personal and algorithmic bias. 

We have also outlined that specific training and guidance should be in place in time for next academic year. 

A code of practice for use will be produced for students, pastoral and other relevant staff setting out the purpose and boundaries of the engagement dashboard. These guidance notes may be updated as the scope changes in the future. The notes will include, where feasible, examples of ethical and unethical practice in order to make the principles on which this charter is written more meaningful. The guidance notes will be used as part of planned communications to all relevant university staff.

4. Black History Month 

This year at Keele, the SU and University are teaming up for Black History Month and we want to hear your ideas for what you would like to see happening in the month.The meeting is open to all students from 2pm and will take place on Teams. Members of staff will then join from 3pm to also have their input. We really want to ensure that your voices are heard with what you want to see so please feel free to come along with ideas.

If you have any questions, please email Hinna Sheikh on h.sheikh@keele.ac.uk or Aysha Panter on a.panter@keele.ac.uk.