Speak Week

What would you change if you ran the uni?


In 2019 KeeleSU undertook its first ‘Speak Week’, an engagement survey designed to collect feedback from the general student population at Keele. The Student Voice Department, with assistance from the sabbatical officer team and a number of other SU departments, gathered 513 unique responses to the question ‘If you were in charge of the University/Union, what would you change?’.

To view the report from this campaign, click here!


KeeleSU Speak Week 2020 is coming to you soon! Digitally!

KeeleSU Speak Week
KeeleSU Speak Week

In order to best represent our student body, we held a week-long survey in May 2019. We held stalls around Keele and at the Clinical Education Centre (CEC) to make sure to hear from as many students as possible about what they would change. Staff from the SU spoke to students, getting them to fill out the postcard shown below.

KeeleSU Speak WeekKeeleSU Speak Week

In order to ensure students could provide an honest opinion, no identifying data such as names or Keele card numbers was collected; only data such as year of study and some protected characteristics which we could use to determine how much the feedback was representative of the Keele student population.

This was done in order to contribute to the SU's strategy plan and allow us to improve the student experience at the Students' Union, as well as inform the decisions we make when working with the University to make sure students have the best possible time at Keele.

There are a number of surveys available for students to complete during and after their time at Keele, but these often cover a wide range of topics and experiences as a student. With Speak Week, we wanted to focus specifically on problems facing students, and what they most wanted to see changed, both in the SU and in the University.

KeeleSU Speak Week
KeeleSU Speak Week

The report (available below) from Speak Week will be sent to the University Student Voice Committee to be reviewed and used to inform the University's strategic decision-making, as well as our own. We'll also use it to inform candidates in future elections, our Elected Officers, and Student Voice Representatives.

We'll be running this again next year so keep a look out for our stalls next term, and make sure to contribute! It'll be your chance to improve Keele for students.

Following the completion of Speak Week, we made a report which you can view by clicking the image on the right! This goes into detail about the responses we received from students, including the most popular responses, as well as trends that appeared more broadly. It also covers the data from the Clinical Education Centre separately, and then key details for the University to work on and how the project can be improved. An abridged version of this report was submitted to University committees, with key issues for the University to address.

This report was produced by Liam Searle, our Student Voice Coordinator, and Joshua Guffick, our Student Voice Assistant, with support from our Education Officer Mari Chappell and Student Voice Manager Emma Hedges.

Click here to view the Speak Week report