Campaign Groups

Make Some Change!

Campaign groups

KeeleSU Campaign Groups exist to provide students with the opportunity to get directly involved in the forefronts of making change at Keele University.

We know you would like to get involved but can be asked with running in the elections, or just don't have the time to study and be an officer. That's chill! With these campaign groups, you can now drop in and do some campaigning on topics which crop up throughout the year. 

Campaign groups are led by you - and you can shape the direction of the work that happens. 

To ensure that the campaigns are approved by the student body - we will support and fund campaigns that have been approved by either Union Council or at a Union General Meeting. A full list of already approved campaigns can be seen below. If you cant see one that the union should be doing, submit it through this form.

Interested in running or supporting a campaign? Email


Union Campaigns

#NeverOK - Tackling hate on campus (sexual violence, hate crimes etc)

Education Campaign - Improve the quality of academic provision.

Free Period - The provision of free sanitary products on campus.


Student Body Approved Campaigns:

  • Improving Pay and Display Parking.
  • Promoting Voter Registration.
  • Printers on Campus.
  • Climate Emergency.
  • LGBTQ+ Awareness
  • Make Campus More Accessible (Physical and Invisible Illnesses)
  • Raise Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
  • Promotion of Interdisciplinary Learning.
  • Residents Parking (Keele Village).
  • Issues Surrounding Consent.
  • Carbon Neutral Campus.